Extermination Process


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"Industrial, Punk and Metal are combined with brooding soundscapes, disturbing sound bites and nihilistic themes, to deliver a unique listening experience that challenges conventional thought and delves into the darkest realms of human existence."


released May 23, 2014

All tracks by M.D. Roche (2010 - 2011)
Remastered by Gyps Fulvus (2014)
Artwork by M.D. Roche
Lyrics on track 1 by Ragnar Redbeard


all rights reserved



MALFORM Albany, New York

MALFORM is the solo project of M.D. Roche (founded in 2007).

Visit the official Facebook page for updates and unreleased demos.

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Track Name: Boldly Stand Erect
Jewish books are for the Jews
And Jew Messiahs, too
But if you're not of Jewish blood
How can they be for you

To make an Idol of a book
Is poison for the brain
A dying God upon a cross
Is reason gone insane

Beware of the Holy books
And all the creeds and schools
And every law that man has made
And all the golden rules

"Laws" and "Rules" imposed on you
From days of old renown
Are not intended for your "good"
But for crushing you down

Then dare to rend the chains that bind
And to yourself be true
Dare to liberate your mind
From all things, old and new

Always think your own thought
All other thoughts reject
Learn to use your own brain
And boldly stand erect
Track Name: God is Dead
Religious cancer is receding
Jesus Christ cannot be found
Evil's no longer competing
Temples burning to the ground

God is dead
Will to power rules instead
God is dead
So take that halo off your head

He loved all of his creations
But his pity was too strong
Overdosed on lamentations
Where the fuck did we go wrong

God is dead
You beat him to death, just leave him alone
God is dead
Lucifer sits upon his throne

There's nothing left to fear
There's no reason to pray
Crocodiles will shed no tears
This is your judgment day

God is dead
Track Name: Extermination Process
The ground is shaking, embers falling from the sky
All prophecies in vain, the warnings passed us by
Human herds frantically trying to find safety
In a world where the end is nigh

There's no escaping from the hell that you have made
Priests and politicians lie and say that you are saved
One human is enough to make a mess
And 7 billion is a curse for which we'll pay

The end is here
You better start running
But truth be told
I'll be here smiling
Of the grandest scale
Nature's fury
Will soon prevail

The smell of death is overwhelming in the air
Laws and morals obsolete, nobody seems to care
Monuments of human error decay
You better get on your knees and say your final prayer

The end is here
You better start running
But truth be told
I'll be here smiling
Of the grandest scale
Nature's fury
Will soon prevail

Process of extermination
Track Name: Synthetic Existence
Mood stabilizers, SSRIs
Anti-Psychotics blurring your eyes
Taking pills just so you can exist
Is it really fucking worth it?

Pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Vision's blurry, blood is thinner
Voices no longer in your mind
But you're slowly dying on the inside

Tablets of yellow, white and brown
Turn your mind upside down
No refills left, the prescription's low
Anxiety begins to flow

Running away from the depression
With chemical malnutrition
Not considering suicide
But your brain's decaying on the inside

Insanity or chemical bliss
Life is never hit, it's just a miss
Struggling to find a balance
To cure your crippled, malformed brain synapses

But is it even worth it?

Your existence is synthetic
Track Name: Glimpse of Hell
The bums are rich
The kids are fat
Racing toward oblivion
As we breed like rats

Empty moral codes
Rule with iron fists
Good and evil
Does not exist

The T.V screen
Provides a glimpse of Hell
So many things to hate
So many lies to sell

The political system
Is so deranged
All hope is lost
Nothing will ever change

New drugs are available
With deadly side effects
They'll make you happy
So how can you object

The T.V screen
Provides a glimpse of Hell
So many things to hate
So many lies to sell
Track Name: Epidemic
A cultural cancer
A spreading disease
A virus so deadly
That man has released

Another myth to deify
Ignorance is justified

Destruction, delusion
Belief is your fate
Their love is a poison
You must free your hate

Ignorance keeps you alive
Faith in God will help you die

Fear of death keeps you in line
Submission is suicide

Our only hope is extermination
Track Name: Chemical Oblivion
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
High cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Weight gain
Tardive dyskinesia
Orthostatic hypotension
Increases in blood pressure
Low white blood cell count
Abnormal thyroid tests
Increases in prolactin levels
Increases in liver enzymes
Long lasting and painful erection
Difficulty swallowing

and Death

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